ZR0602-C model Drawer Iron Separator


Drawer type iron remover is widely used in ceramics field. Chemicals. plastic. rubber. dye. food. Pharmaceutical. Mining and environmental protection. It is suitable for separating ferromagnetic impurities from dry powder, flake and granular materials.


1. The drawer separator can be designed as strong magnetic type (maximum magnetic field 12000GS) and easy-to-clean type (maximum magnetic field 8000GS) for users to choose

2. The inlet and outlet of the drawer separator can be designed as a round or square flange interface. It can be easily installed in various pipelines according to user requirements.

3. Standard working temperature≤80℃. The working temperature can be increased according to user requirements

4. Single-layer/double-layer or multi-layer magnetic racks can be provided according to user requirements.

5.304 and 316L stainless steel can be used as drawer material