ZR0709S-3 series wet electromagnetic separator


The ZR0709S-3 series electromagnetic separator is based on the principle and mature technology of the ZR0709S-2 series of electromagnetic powder separators, drawing lessons from the advantages of similar equipment in the United States, Japan, and South Korea, and absorbing and improving the electromagnetic separator with international advanced level. Type powder iron removal equipment. Compared with similar equipment in the United States, Japan, and South Korea, this equipment has stronger magnetic force and better performance, and all performance indicators have reached or exceeded similar imported equipment.

Performance characteristics:

1. Advanced technology: It is absorbed and improved on the basis of similar equipment in the United States, Japan, and South Korea. The magnetic force is stronger and the performance is better. All performance indicators meet or exceed similar imported equipment.

2. Take measures such as enlarging the coil and strengthening the cooling, the oil temperature is controlled between 40-50C°, and the safety and stability of the equipment are further improved.

3. High-pressure water flushing, flushing clean quickly, it only takes ten seconds to complete a cleaning;

4. The forced oil circulating water cooling method is adopted, and the cooling effect is ideal;

5. Real-time monitoring of the coil temperature, effectively avoiding the coil from burning due to excessive temperature rise;

6. High iron removal efficiency: The unique structure design and high magnetic performance make the equipment have excellent iron removal efficiency and provide guarantee for the strict purity requirements of high-purity materials.

7. A variety of magnetic filter media alternatives can be applied to different materials with different fineness, different concentration and viscosity. A reasonable selection of magnetic filter media can obtain the best iron removal effect and minimize tailings waste.