ZR0709LZ Series Demagnetizer for Lithium Battery Cathode Material


The ZR0709C series of lithium battery multi-element magnetic cathode materials special demagnetizers are based on the current demagnetization requirements of lithium battery multi-element magnetic cathode materials, based on our company’s mature electromagnetic powder demagnetization technology, and based on the physical characteristics of multi-element magnetic cathode materials. , A special demagnetization equipment for magnetic cathode materials developed and developed.

Performance characteristics:

1. Based on the mature technology of ZR0709-2 series electromagnetic powder separator, combined with the physical characteristics of lithium battery multi-element magnetic cathode materials, it has strong pertinence and practicality;

2. Using advanced constant magnetic technology, after the magnetic field strength is set according to the characteristics of the material, the magnetic field will not be affected by the coil temperature, the external environment temperature, the fluctuation of the grid voltage and other factors, and will always remain constant, thereby ensuring that the multi-element magnetic cathode material is removed The stability of the magnetic effect makes the equipment always maintain the best demagnetization effect.

3. The equipment runs stably, the iron cleaning is convenient and fast, and the entrained material is very small;

4. During the working process, the magnetic cavity is in a state of vibration and the vibration force is adjustable to ensure smooth material passing without affecting the demagnetization effect