ZR0709-3 series Electromagnetic Iron Separator


The ZR0709-3-H series electromagnetic separator is based on the principle and mature technology of the ZR0709-2 series electromagnetic powder iron remover. It is developed by absorbing and improving the advantages of similar equipment from the United States, Japan and South Korea. It has an international advanced level. Electromagnetic powder iron removal equipment. Compared with similar equipment in the United States, Japan, and South Korea, this equipment has stronger magnetic force and better performance, and all performance indicators have reached or exceeded similar imported equipment.

Performance characteristics:

1. Advanced technology: It is absorbed and improved on the basis of similar equipment in the United States, Japan, and South Korea. The magnetic force is stronger and the performance is better. All performance indicators meet or exceed similar imported equipment.

2. High iron removal efficiency: The unique structure design and high magnetic performance make the equipment have excellent iron removal efficiency and provide guarantee for the strict purity requirements of high-purity materials.

3. Suitable for fine materials that are not easy to circulate: under the action of a vibrating motor, materials with a volume less than 200 microns or with a high humidity can pass through the screen with very little material.

4. Easy installation: As long as the foundation is safe and firm, and the space is reasonable, the equipment can be installed within a few minutes.

5. Thorough separation of iron powder and basic materials: The unique design of the discharge valve completely prevents the separated iron powder from entering the basic materials, and the basic materials will not enter the impurity box, and it is suitable for negative pressure conveying occasions.