ZR0709Z-2 Series of full automatic vacuum feeding dry electromagnetic iron separator for powder processing



The ZR0709Z-2 series of automatic vacuum feeding electromagnetic powder iron removal system is based on the ZR0709Z-2 series of dry electromagnetic powder iron remover, which integrates vacuum feeding, storage, feeding, magnetic separation, iron discharging, and cooling. , Fully automatic electromagnetic powder iron removal equipment controlled in one, with perfect functions and high degree of automation. The whole system is integrated, integrated assembly, compact structure and reasonable configuration. It does not require users to be equipped with lifting feeding equipment. The raw materials can be lifted from the ground storage container to the storage bin above the iron remover through vacuum suction for fully automatic Work.

Performance characteristics:
1. System integration, integrated assembly, compact structure, reasonable configuration, small space occupation, auxiliary equipment selection, procurement and assembly are completed by the manufacturer, saving time and effort;

2. Fully automatic operation, which can realize one-person multi-machine management, which greatly saves labor costs;

3. The system automatically clears iron regularly according to the set time, eliminating the influence of human factors on the iron removal effect, and the iron removal index is stable and the effect is better;

4. The electronic control system adopts PLC intelligent control, color touch screen to set parameters, touch button operation and display working status, and is equipped with manual operation panel, advanced technology and humanized;

5. In the production process, the feeding system works under negative pressure, and all ports of the material passage are sealed and dust-proof to avoid dust pollution;

6. The electronic control system has perfect protection functions to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system;

7. The vacuum feeding system adopts a new type of microporous membrane filter, which greatly improves the feeding capacity and service life of the feeding system.