ZR0603-G model Fluid Conduit Iron Separators


Fluid pipe iron remover, also called magnetic fluid iron remover or magnetic fluid filter, is used in fluids, semi-fluids and other fluid materials with different viscosities to remove iron impurities and other ferromagnetic particles to keep the materials clean and protect them at the same time The role of downstream production equipment.


1. In order to adapt to a variety of different conditions of use, our company has developed a variety of different types of fluid separators

2. It can be designed as strong magnetic type (maximum magnetic field 12000GS) and easy-cleaning type (maximum magnetic field 8000GS), users can choose according to their needs;

3. The standard working temperature is less than or equal to 80℃. Under special requirements, products with higher temperature resistance can be provided;

4. Designed with flanges, clamps, bolts or quick release clamps, it is easy to install, take out and clean the magnetic parts;

5. The pipe material is available in 304 or 316L stainless steel;

6. Reasonable structure design to ensure the best iron removal effect without hindering the flow of materials;

7. Pressure requirements or other special requirements can be designed according to customer requirements.