ZR0709S-C-2 Dry Electromagnetic Iron Separator in Series model for powder processing


ZR0709-C-2 series dry method series electromagnetic powder iron remover system is based on ZR0709-2 series dry method electromagnetic powder iron remover, which combines two or more sets of iron removers in series to complete automatically Powder iron removal system for iron removal work.

Performance characteristics:

1. The system is modular and integrated assembly, compact structure, reasonable layout, small space occupation, installation and debugging can be completed at one time, saving time and effort;

2. Fully automatic operation, which can realize one-person multi-machine management, which greatly saves labor costs;

3. The powder material is processed by two or more machines at one time, which is equivalent to two or more times at one time, which can further improve the effect of iron removal, save labor and trouble, improve work efficiency, and achieve a multiplier effect;

4. Linked operation of each machine in series, coordinated actions, and coordinated to complete the iron removal work under the control of the control system.

Description of main technical parameters:

1. Excitation power: the sum of the excitation power of each machine in series;

2. Production capacity: subject to the smallest model in the system;

3. Adapted material: the same as the adaptable material of a stand-alone machine.

Note: The accessories of the system can be customized according to user requirements.